Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - Dennis and Shawna's Wedding

Hello!! Sorry for the long time between posts - we are not starting this out too well! But, we WILL be better about it. :)

This past weekend we went to Burnet (outside of Austin) for Clint's cousin Dennis's wedding. The wedding was at a lodge in the hill country and we stayed in a little cabin with clint's family. It was really fun to hang out with everyone, swim, and be the newlyweds at a fun wedding! :)

Here we are starting out on our roadtrip Friday night. It was a pretty long drive!

Us taking Clint's adorable niece and nephew Addison and Lawson (actually, 2nd cousins or something like that...) to the pool. They were lots of fun.

Here is Clint, Jared, Addison and I all ready for the black and white wedding. Addison was a flower girl and LOVED her dress (she kept telling me it was just like mine at my wedding:)).

We're silly.

Rattlesnake point, where the ceremony was held.

My handsome husband and I at the wedding. :)

Lawson in his tux shirt at the wedding. :)

Dennis and Shawna Humble


Clint's creepy cake face

Mmmmm cake

Us at the reception

The reception

Us back at the cabin after the wedding. (We got to sleep in the same bed!!! haha).

It was a lot of fun! Being married and being an actual part of the family was really cool. We also got to see Jared and Tabatha and hang out with Clint's parents and the rest of his extended family from different places which was really nice. Yay for weddings! :)

After the wedding and Clint working Monday, we relaxed on the hammocks in the courtyard of our apartment complex, it was fun! We listened to the sermon we missed Sunday from The Village, it was so nice outside and relaxing!

It's so pretty with the lights, too.

We have also taken our mountain bikes out to the Rowlett Creek Preserve twice now -- it's actually really fun. Haha. This morning we went and I went down some steep trails!! Well they aren't really that steep...but to me they were! Next time I'll take my camera and document my mad crazy biking skills.

Also...I don't know how to add the links to everyone else's blogs on the right of our blog. Help! :)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We also found an apartment in Carrollton (Keller Springs and the Tollway) that we are most likely moving into at the end of June!! Woo hoo!

Have a great day!

Lauren and Clint

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Welcome to the Brocks' blog! We are back from the honeymoon and busy setting up our little home. :) It's so much fun!! We will post pictures of the place soon - once we have some progress to show for. Honeymoon and wedding pics to come as well!

We thought it would be fun to try to keep everyone updated this way (and Lauren Neaves tells me you have to start a blog when you get married, it's the thing to do) and that it would be a good way to keep in touch with friends far away. So bookmark us and make sure to check back often! :)


Have a great day!

Lauren and Clint Brock