Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Pumpkin!

We made a Jack-O-Lantern!

Clint did the carving, but I did the scooping!

(Awkward picture of me...but then again I have orange goo all over my hands)

I drew a face on with a pen and Clint carved it perfectly.

We decided to make a happy pumpkin, but he actually turned out closer to goofy.

And he sat happily in our house :)

Making us laugh with his goofy smile!

Sorry to say, he imploded into a moldly mess the DAY before our apartment complex's pumpkin carving contest, so we were sad. BUT, when we went down to see the entries, no one had entered one! (And there were 3 prizes: $50, $30, and $20!) So we thought of a way we might be able to win a hundred bucks - plagarizing! We took down our (fake) pumpkin Lauren Neaves made for us with "The Brocks" on it that we had been keeping out in the hall with candy in it for our neighbors. We acted like it was a joke, but really, if we were the only participants...we're thinkin we're in the money. By the end of the night, there was one other entry, but I'm thinking were in for at least $20. We should probably split that with Lauren though. Anyway, we'll let you know who wins the, pumpkin off. We know who to thank if we place (thanks Lauren!). Great fun!

And just FYI, pumpkins don't last as long as they should. Especially when you keep them inside. They implode into a sticky, moldy mess that makes you have to scrub your carpet. But we loved ours!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A while back we went to the rodeo for my Papaw's bday. We got some fun pics so I thought we'd share even though it has been awhile. :) Also, if you have a chance to go to the rodeo, go! It's actually really entertaining. And you can pet animals! (Scroll to the bottom for a video!)

At the dinner before the Rodeo :)         Me and Coley!       Dad, Aunt Jamie, Memaw and Mom    

Trying on cowboy hats at the gift shop
Cole found a horsey!   And I found the PERFECT purse.

There was a petting zoo complete 
with brushes to brush the cows' and goats' fur!

We had lots of fun! Happy late birthday Papaw!

This is actually pretty entertaining...

Clint made the music on! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belated Bloggy Buddy Thank You! :)

It's not Halloween quite yet, so I've made it just under the wire with this post! The Sadlers gave us the cutest assortment of Halloween fun PLUS a CUTE koozie (something I had been wanting for work!) and some yummy tootsie rolls that we are sharing with our hall of our apartment complex (they are inside the pumpkin you gave us Laur!). The pumpkin plate is awesome, a nice subtle bit of fall decor. I didn't have ANY seasonal decorations so it was perfect. Love it. The candle is pumpkin scented and smells AWESOME. I light it every chance I get! :) We had so much fun getting a box in the mail. Thank you Sadlers!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Half

Clint and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary yesterday! It is really hard to believe that much time has gone by since our wedding. We think being married is the funnest thing ever!!! I'm so happy to be married to my handsome, hot, wonderful, sweet best friend. :) It's the best.

We celebrated in style with a trip to Cuba Libre for some appetizers and drinks, then to Hibiscus down the street for the most wonderful apple pie with lavendar scented vanilla bean ice cream (officially the best ice cream in the world) and coffee. 

Happy Half! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guests, Frames and the iPhone Level

We have some guests coming and that was the motivation we needed to fix up the storage, uh... i mean.. guest room. Out went the mountain bikes, the random printer on the floor and "scene it - friends edition". Up went a curtain rod, curtains (of course) and some picture frames. We didn't have a level and didn't want to measure from the floor behind the futon for every nail... In comes the Dual Level iPhone app!! It worked great!

Here's a screenshot of the app and a quick pic of the frames and the randomness that lauren has put up there testing my work to see if it'll hold :)