Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Favorite Thing...

about the game tonight was when the referee said, "When it touches him in the rear" and pointed to his butt. (not to mention that it meant a touchback for us!) Gotta love the NFL!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clint's Birthday Trip!

I know this is crazy late... but I'm blogging... shut it.

So my 27th birthday came around and we had a dinner planned at Houstons on friday with one of my best friends, Jason. He had been saying he wanted to take us out for Laurens birthday for more than a month now, he was now going to take us BOTH to eat. So I get home on Friday thinking I'm about to go out to eat and Lauren says I have to open this one present. My family always wanted to open Christmas presents before Christmas morning but I wanted the anticipation, it like... makes the presents even better! So I didn't want to open it, but she insisted... so I did. It was some bicycle tires I've been wanting! They're lyke totally crazy awesome, no slipping, no loosing traction and falling down huge hills anymore.

Ssoooo I thought we were going to go biking in the morning, little did I know that it would be in ARKANSAS!! She made me open another present which was a bike rack so we could take the honda instead of the Xterra. It pretty much paid for itself in that one trip. Lauren already had ALL of the "gear" packed so we went to the bike store, gathered all of the necessary supplies and hit the road, 5 hours to the Highway 27 Fishing Village. We put up the tent at about 3am and slept until it started POURING. That was day 1.

It rained for hours and hours, we actually left the tent at about 2 the next day. We drove into town (pop. less than my graduating class) and got firewood (from good-ole-boy-justin, friend of the gas station lady), went to a crystal shop because Mt. Ida is known for their crystals, and scoped out the best trails to ride the next day. We found an awesome spot to take pictures and I climbed up on laurens car to take them (pics below). That night we made hamburgers over the fire and then s'mores and hot chocolate. That was day 2.

Day 3 we woke up, got the bikes all ready to go, cooked eggs and sausage on the fire, packed our lunches and headed out. We were advised to wear hunters orange because it was the first day of hunting season... so we did... for a little while. It was sooo much fun, nothing like here in texas. The section we rode had something like a 600ft elevation difference between the highest and lowest points, but by no means was it a straight line. We had lunch on a big log on the side of the trail and met a few people along the way. It was a tough decision between calling someone to pick us up or try to bike all the way back to the camp because the Cowboys kickoff was in a few hours! We biked back and made it in time, but we were soooreeee. We convinced them to let us into a cabin that wasn't rented at the time so we could shower and then headed to hot springs to watch the game. We ate there and then cooked s'mores that night.

the pics below were from the trail. huge mountain behind us and a river in front

By day 4 we were really really tired and looking forward to the comforts of the apt. We ate breakfast at the Mt. Ida Cafe because Lauren found that it was THE place to go. Their slogan was "best vittles in Arkansas"... we thought, hmm... vittles sounds kinda strange, what are vittles? So we looked them up... they're food... just, any food. We're from dallas. Then we packed up everything and came back home. Since we didn't have time to make a cake I got candles on zebra cakes!! It was yumm! The next day we went to her parents house to celebrate with a real cake :) it was the strawberry family recipe, amaz. It was a GREAT surprise and a wonderful birthday. There is no way she is topping it next year, I don't deserve her.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fair Day

Work gave me two free tickets to the fair, plus 20 coupons! Awesome. We ate lots of good food that is super bad for you and enjoyed it thoroughly. Other than that, we walked around and laughed at/were in awe of people for paying $7 to go into funhouses and ride rides that make you throw up (no offense if you are one of those people!). We save our hard earned cash for the fried stuff!! (Which may also make you throw up...) Anyway, it was lots of fun. Loved the animals - the baby goats were so funny bouncing all over the place. I should have taken a video. Here are a few pics from the day...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Pumpkin!

We made a Jack-O-Lantern!

Clint did the carving, but I did the scooping!

(Awkward picture of me...but then again I have orange goo all over my hands)

I drew a face on with a pen and Clint carved it perfectly.

We decided to make a happy pumpkin, but he actually turned out closer to goofy.

And he sat happily in our house :)

Making us laugh with his goofy smile!

Sorry to say, he imploded into a moldly mess the DAY before our apartment complex's pumpkin carving contest, so we were sad. BUT, when we went down to see the entries, no one had entered one! (And there were 3 prizes: $50, $30, and $20!) So we thought of a way we might be able to win a hundred bucks - plagarizing! We took down our (fake) pumpkin Lauren Neaves made for us with "The Brocks" on it that we had been keeping out in the hall with candy in it for our neighbors. We acted like it was a joke, but really, if we were the only participants...we're thinkin we're in the money. By the end of the night, there was one other entry, but I'm thinking were in for at least $20. We should probably split that with Lauren though. Anyway, we'll let you know who wins the, pumpkin off. We know who to thank if we place (thanks Lauren!). Great fun!

And just FYI, pumpkins don't last as long as they should. Especially when you keep them inside. They implode into a sticky, moldy mess that makes you have to scrub your carpet. But we loved ours!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A while back we went to the rodeo for my Papaw's bday. We got some fun pics so I thought we'd share even though it has been awhile. :) Also, if you have a chance to go to the rodeo, go! It's actually really entertaining. And you can pet animals! (Scroll to the bottom for a video!)

At the dinner before the Rodeo :)         Me and Coley!       Dad, Aunt Jamie, Memaw and Mom    

Trying on cowboy hats at the gift shop
Cole found a horsey!   And I found the PERFECT purse.

There was a petting zoo complete 
with brushes to brush the cows' and goats' fur!

We had lots of fun! Happy late birthday Papaw!

This is actually pretty entertaining...

Clint made the music on! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belated Bloggy Buddy Thank You! :)

It's not Halloween quite yet, so I've made it just under the wire with this post! The Sadlers gave us the cutest assortment of Halloween fun PLUS a CUTE koozie (something I had been wanting for work!) and some yummy tootsie rolls that we are sharing with our hall of our apartment complex (they are inside the pumpkin you gave us Laur!). The pumpkin plate is awesome, a nice subtle bit of fall decor. I didn't have ANY seasonal decorations so it was perfect. Love it. The candle is pumpkin scented and smells AWESOME. I light it every chance I get! :) We had so much fun getting a box in the mail. Thank you Sadlers!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Half

Clint and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary yesterday! It is really hard to believe that much time has gone by since our wedding. We think being married is the funnest thing ever!!! I'm so happy to be married to my handsome, hot, wonderful, sweet best friend. :) It's the best.

We celebrated in style with a trip to Cuba Libre for some appetizers and drinks, then to Hibiscus down the street for the most wonderful apple pie with lavendar scented vanilla bean ice cream (officially the best ice cream in the world) and coffee. 

Happy Half! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guests, Frames and the iPhone Level

We have some guests coming and that was the motivation we needed to fix up the storage, uh... i mean.. guest room. Out went the mountain bikes, the random printer on the floor and "scene it - friends edition". Up went a curtain rod, curtains (of course) and some picture frames. We didn't have a level and didn't want to measure from the floor behind the futon for every nail... In comes the Dual Level iPhone app!! It worked great!

Here's a screenshot of the app and a quick pic of the frames and the randomness that lauren has put up there testing my work to see if it'll hold :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


we're dog sitting again! it is our new hobby

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I promise a real post soon also! :) What do you think about Bebo's song for Britney?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Lauren's parents got a new chocolate lab puppy and he is the COOLEST dog EVER! We're babysitting tonight and just got back from a dog park so he is a little tired :)

My siblings :)

Comment on it here and make them famous :) Aren't they the cutest?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We really need to post...

Soooo...I really like my job! It's awesome and everyone that works there is really cool! I'm so thankful to have it.

We have been watching the olympics like we are friends with Team USA, even family members...we are very tired. We ALMOST had a baaaaad thing happen last night. There was a lot of thunder and lightning, and our power went out for a second, then our TV WOULDN'T TURN BACK ON!!! It was plugged into a surge protector, but for some reason it would not turn on! Clint moved it and tried it in another plug after a few minutes, and then it worked. We moved it back and now it works like normal. During the time it was down, we, or I should say he, brought my other tv in here (which we haven't turned on since the move...we haven't gotten cable yet) and turned it on to watch snowy olympics and...two of the corners were DISCOLORED!! So basically we had no good tv for like 2 minutes. It was a sad moment. But then his started working again and the discoloration seems to be fading some on mine. FUEF!

..........I got to see Braden today!!! (AND Ashley and Morgan and Brian!:)) He is so cute and tiny and perfect. He already looks like both of his parents. Love him!!!

Presidential Candidate Interviews at Saddleback

pretty cool!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick Update

Well, I got the book for my bday (thanks family!!) and finished it in 2 days. It was so good!! Made me laugh a lot and cry some. I definitely recommend it. Great writer. I. want. a. dog. bad. (but not for real - need a yard first - and I'm in no hurry to buy a house so...catch 22).

I got lots of other fun gift certificates and things (yaaaaay for shopping!), and Clint got me a beautiful one of a kind painting set (kind of 3 paintings that make up one picture) that I really wanted to go above our bed. I'll post pictures asap as he's hanging it right now. Yay! (We have had nothing on our bedroom walls yet up to this point) I had a wonderful birthday weekend - my sweet husband did so many sweet things for me (and gave me a new Starbucks card! I had just run out of the one he gave me as part of my wedding has "Lauren "Hottie" Brock" printed on it which is sort of embarrassing when actually using the card but quite flattering. :) Love you hubby)

I also started my new job this week! Hoorayyyy! I'm the new Media Coordinator for It has been great so far, everyone is so nice and I'm already pretty busy. It really seems like a great place to work and everyone there keeps telling me how much they love it. Sounds good to me!! :)

Morgan and Brian had their adorable baby boy, Braden Joseph. He's adorable and I can't wait to see him in person.

Laine comes home from a month stay at Kanukuk (sp?) tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait to see her! I'm a horrible sister and didn't write her a letter so here's my shout out to her. :) The best counselor ever ever!

I'm so excited that the weekend actually means something this weekend! Yay for work! :)

It is also my dear friends Katy and Kristian Rose's 3rd Anniversary today. I'm so happy for yall and hope you had a wonderful day!

Woo hoo Olympics! Go Team USA! Our days revolve around and watching them on tv right now...who needs sleep?

That's it for now, as I actually am in need of some sleep...


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I want this book for my birthday!!!

(and a dog to go with it...or mom and dad, it would suffice if you just got one I could play with whenever I wanted ;))

Read about it here:

It sounds soooo good! I read a bit of it at Barnes and Noble yesterday and couldn't put it down!

I love dogs. Mom you need to read this book so you will get one. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's August!

and that means...

...I'll be 25 this month!! A quarter century!! That's craziness. But exciting. :) I'm a real adult! (with a sweet husband who already bought and wrapped my present and hid it under the bed! haha, being married makes surprises a little more difficult - but he isn't giving up! :))

...I start my new job at GodTube this month! :) August 12 to be exact. Finallyyyyy!

...I get to go grocery shopping today!! Some would not think of this as exciting but I've been trying to prove to myself that my shopping/inventiveness in the kitchen skills could make the July groceries last through all of July...(kinda gave up and got a rotisserie chicken last night - YUM!) and now I get to restock! Wahoo. Kind of a silly game, I know, but I like to grocery shop!

...Our great friends Morgan and Brian and having a BABY BOY this month! And hopefully this week. Pray for them that everything goes smoothly. :) We are ready to meet little Mr. Buchek!

...It's HOT outside and people should come swimming at our place as much as possible!! And grilling out by the pool!

...My siblings go back to their studies this month. :( So I will see less of them. But we will come visit/they can come stay with us anytime!

...Clint and I will have been married 4 months this month! Time FLIES!!! It's so amazing that we get to do this forever (like 4 months times 234582346!)! Kinda feels like a 4 month vacation of wonderful funness sometimes - but no, it's forever, and it just gets better! :) Love him lots. :)

...We will try to redeem ourselves from our horrible record in the past few weeks of posting so little. I'm trying this first without pictures post and I think that will help. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Clint likes to make me lattes with squirrels on them. :)

Not really. But sometimes. He is good at latte art!

Monday, July 14, 2008


A stacation is like a vacation but you don't va, you sta! I got off of work on thursday at noon and didn't have to go back until monday. We swam and hung out by the pool, grilled, shopped with gift cards left over from the wedding, tried new recipes, watched movies, read, played with dogs at petco and watched fireworks! I seriously worked less that entire weekend than I already have on this blog :)