Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What have we been up to?

Wow it's been awhile!! But I'm back in blogging world, at least for today.

And today is a special day because HUDSON PETTIJOHN was born!!!

He looks so adorable, doesn't he?! I love him already. I'm so proud of Nat for delivering him too! Way to go girl!! Love you guys! I really wish I could be there!

Since that is the most recent news, I guess I'll go backwards from that to fill you in. Let's see. Currently I'm finishing up working at Hawaiian Falls for the summer (I am an Ambassador of Fun there - which deserves its own post) and am looking HARD for a teaching job. I made it into the teaching pool at RISD, but there are no math positions open right now, so for now, that's a no go. I'm signed up to sub if nothing works out. Also applying everywhere else and trying to find "ins" to get an interview. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Clint's dad is recovering very well from his heart surgery, and we are so thankful for that!

One of my best friends in the world in pregnant, and I'm SOOOOO excited!! I love you Katy and Kristian and baby Rose! :)

We kinda totally failed on The Zone Diet. Right after we started Clint's dad had his heart attack, and I was taking my math content test, getting a new job, etc. Things got hectic and stressful and there was not time to calculate and cook each meal perfectly. Grr! It really is a great diet and we are starting to do it a little more in a moderate way.

We have started running! By started I mean we will run for the 3rd time tonight. Our goal is a 5k with a tenative half marathon in the future (why do I ALWAYS type marathong??) We found out that the drive in front of our apt is a half mile around, so that makes it really easy. We've only done a mile at a time so far, but tonight I think we are trying for 2 (or maybe 1.5). I hope the running bug gets me again. I loved to like running last time! Haha.

We went to Del Lago over the 4th with my family. It was a lot of fun! My family used to go there for little vacations some summers, it is resort on Lake Conroe, but we had heard they redid the resort and WOW!! It was amazing!! I loved it. I need to post some before and after pictures from when we were little and we went. It even has a little waterpark now. We had tons of fun and watched the most amazing fireworks in the most perfect place - right underneath them! I've always loved fireworks, but I always wish I could be closer to them, so that I can lay down and look straight up and they are right there. And that is what we got!! We even had pieces of cardboard from the fireworks falling on us. It was so wonderful and romantic too! I can't believe it was our second 4th of July married. Time flies!!!

Clint also did something sweet for me during our blogging hiatus. I was putting off getting my hair highlighted bc I like getting it done at this one place by a sorta expensive haridresser and since I have been kinda in between jobs we were low on money. Clint secretly made an appointment for me and told me we were going to brunch with his parents. Then he drove me to the hair place instead! He is so sweet. AND on top of that, while I was there he secretly took my car and washed and cleaned it, inside and out! And if you've ever been in my car, you know that is a big job. :) He is such a sweetie! And then the other day I woke up and he had cleaned out and vacuumed out my purse for me! I don't deserve him. :)

Well, that is all I can think of to update you with for right now. I probably have some pictures in my camera to post later of some of these things. Glad to be back in blog world. Thanks for not getting mad at me while we were gone!! :)