Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick, exciting (and sad) updates

Update #1: I'm still on the bandwagon with the Bodybugg. As of TODAY I have lost exactly 15 pounds since starting my attempt to lost weight using the Bodybugg. It has gotten easier and easier as I have gotten used to eating around 1650 calories a day and now it is just routine. I love it! I didn't really realize how much weight I had lost til I hit this milestone - 15 pounds! Wow. Weights that weigh 15 pounds are pretty heavy. So glad to have that OFF of me!! WAHOOOOO. I'm excited to keep going and hope to lose another 10 and then maybe gain some back in muscle....whenever I decide to start working out. :) Haha. So, there is the update. For some reason, this plan has been one I have been able to stay on, and I'm SO happy about that!

Update #2: Clint and I have officially been married 2 wonderful years! Our "day" was last Sunday and we went to Trulucks to celebrate, but it was a wedding filled weekend with Ashley's wedding and Caroline's wedding shower (and me being sick) so we waited til this weekend to really celebrate. We are off to a beautiful cabin near Beaver's Bend tomorrow at around 4pm!! We are so excited to have a relaxing, do-nothing weekend. It looks like it'll be rainy Saturday, but Sunday we might get in the canoe (the cabin is on a river) or build a fire or even go horseback riding! The cabin has a grill on the deck so we are bringing filet mignon and shrimp (got them at central market today - splurged - can't WAIT to feast on them!!) to make a nice dinner Saturday night. I can't wait to celebrate with my honey. He is so wonderful and I am SO lucky to be married to him. He is sick with what I had last weekend right now, so pray that he starts feeling better quick!!

Update #3: Tux, my childhood dog (a fiesty pomeranian) died today. My grandparents have been his real owners for the past several years and he became so sweet in his old age (if you knew him - he used to be quite the tiny terrorist to visitors in our home, but he grew out of it!). They really really loved him and are sad to see him go. He only weighed 5 pounds and his kidneys were failing. Poor thing. All of us girlfriends got dogs at around the same time in our childhood, and Tux was the last of the group to go. I believe he lived to be between 105 and 112 in dog years. He had a good little life. Goodbye Tuxy - we love you!

Update #4: We are still also on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon. Paid off our taxes we were paying payments on from 2008 this month. One more credit card to go and then all we have is my student loan. Feels good!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Happy almost weekend. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

soooo excited!

This weekend one of my best friends is getting married! I'm so excited to be a part of her big day! :) Ashley was a bridesmaid in my wedding (2 years minus 1 day ago on her wedding day!) and we were roommates in LA. I love her and am SO excited for her and Casey!!!!! Congratulations you guys!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my new way to cook

... !!!

this website is AWESOME!! i'm sure there are others like it, but i have not come across one, or at least not one this useful. you go to the site and start typing in some things you currently have in your kitchen. i have used it by first entering the ingredient i'm really wanting to use, like chicken breast or ground beef or strawberries or whatever i'm needing a recipe for. then it will have a list of ingredients it asks you if you have, and you just keep clicking yes and it keeps giving different ones that will help you make more recipes. you can emphasize certain ingredients (i tested it and tried strawberries AND tomatoes emphasized, and it found things with both!) and/or add keywords (side dish, etc). it then lists on the right of the page links to all the recipes online that you can make with the ingredients you already have, or what ingredients you need still to make them if you don't have them all. but generally there are hundreds you can already make which is quite wonderful bc i do not want to go to the store right now, thank you. i have LOVED it!! you know how sometimes you have an ingredient and you just don't feel like those few things you usually make with that ingredient? well this solves and AND helps you be adventurous in cooking!

So far i have used it to:

- find something to make with ground beef when i didn't really even have everything for spaghetti - it gave me a meatball recipe (actually i had several to choose from) and it turned out REALLY yummy. i had never made meatballs before so that was fun. just cooked some pasta and added some sauce and viola! a yummy new dinner.

- find something to use my yummy large shrimp from sprouts. mmmmm i let myself have butter smothered cilantro grilled shrimp and it was amazing! didn't actually even mess up my calories for the day either!

- wanted to try a new zucchini recipe and almost made some "zucchini cakes"... never had anything like them, but i do want to try them sometime!

- wanted something then our other chicken breast regular recipes, found a balsamic herb grilled chicken that was YUM! Clint is becoming an expert griller.

- and now i'm browsing supercook for something to do with my strawberries i need to eat. i don't feel like just chopping them up and adding a bit of splenda like i usually do. i also need to make some tea and am looking for a more exciting drink to make. my options i have narrowed it down to are(and i really haven't been to the store in quite awhile, so my ingredient list is not too large at all!):

for the strawberries:

-strawberry gelato (or balsamic strawberry sorbet, or strawberry foam, or...)
-"puffy dessert omelet" with strawberries
- oatmeal chewy squares
-Bretton butter cake with strawberry topping
-sweet wine fritters
-frosty strawberry dessert

for the drink:

-strawberry lemonade
-rico's passionate pink honey lemonade
-chunky strawberry lemonade

and then i also played around and found tons of apple crumbles, bundt cakes, cookies, etc that i could make right now. so cool. i think im just really excited bc whenever i think of making a recipe i think i have to go to the store to get the ingredients first bc what are the chance that i'll have all the things for whatever i decide to make. and this changes that. so i love it. hopefully i'll update you with new things i cook that supercook helped me find. i did do a play by play with photos of the meatball making, which i will post eventually. mmm i want to make those again!

happy cooking and recipe searching....warning - it can be addictive! :)