Monday, June 16, 2008

Apartment Hunters

We have become expert apartment shoppers over the last month. We found that you can get scary neighborhoods for a little less than a dollar per square foot and you can go as high as you want.... but exactly at a dollar per square foot there is a HUGE range of apartments. Some don't have pools, no hot tub, tiny showers, smell like smoke/wet dogs, chipped mirrors, peeling vinyl floors, corroded faucets, etc... OR you can get nice counter tops, cool track lighting, soft soft carpet, real tile floors, garden tubs, crown molding, maid service, parking garages... ok not maid service but some are SO nice compared to others in the same price range. Anyway, our new home is going to be at 635 and Luna! We decided on that place because my job is 6 miles away, down a street NO ONE drives on (and because its wonnnnnderful and big and pretty and we loooove it :) - lauren) Since we're cheesy here are some pictures of the model :)

In other news, I (Lauren) am waiting to hear back from a job I interviewed with today that just happens to be 2.6 miles from our new place! :) We will update you soon. Have a great day! :)


The Pettijohn's said...

love love the new place!! yay!!

kristian & katy said...

WHOA! what an AMAZING apartment!!! how exciting for you guys!!

also amazing is how perfectly you described the Rose abode in your first list of apartment characteristics (tiny showers, smell like smoke/wet dogs, chipped mirrors...)

love you!-Katy

Ricardo and Lauren said...

I LOVE IT!! And, you are closer to us:-) YAY! Lots of date nights! Let me know about the job!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...