Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fat Straws

They are the best ever!!

(Katy this post is especially for you! I saw Fat Straws on the way to the mountain biking place in Plano and had totally forgotten about it!! I wished you were there to enjoy one with us. :) )

After a very strenuous bike ride at Arbor Hills, Clint and I treated ourselves to some yummmmmy smoothies at Fat Straws. If you haven't tried it, you should. It's a smoothie with black tapioca balls ("bubbles") in the bottom that you suck up while you drink through your fat straw. :) Sounds gross, and is pretty gross the first time you try it, but from then on I (Lauren) have been addicted. I tried my theory on Clint, and this was his second time to try it...and it did not prove true. He is still not a fan. But their smoothies are still greatness after a long bike ride. We had fun!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

ewwwww...the thought of something chunky surprising me thru my straw makes me want to throw up! HA We have one really close to our house.

Pics of the home please!!!

THanks for updating!! It looks great!

kristian & katy said...

YES!! love those black little balls. im glad we can share in that special love...

i'd tried the second time theory on K too and no luck! haha. still the gagging reflex. oh well.

char said...

mmmmm i love bubble tea!