Friday, August 1, 2008

It's August!

and that means...

...I'll be 25 this month!! A quarter century!! That's craziness. But exciting. :) I'm a real adult! (with a sweet husband who already bought and wrapped my present and hid it under the bed! haha, being married makes surprises a little more difficult - but he isn't giving up! :))

...I start my new job at GodTube this month! :) August 12 to be exact. Finallyyyyy!

...I get to go grocery shopping today!! Some would not think of this as exciting but I've been trying to prove to myself that my shopping/inventiveness in the kitchen skills could make the July groceries last through all of July...(kinda gave up and got a rotisserie chicken last night - YUM!) and now I get to restock! Wahoo. Kind of a silly game, I know, but I like to grocery shop!

...Our great friends Morgan and Brian and having a BABY BOY this month! And hopefully this week. Pray for them that everything goes smoothly. :) We are ready to meet little Mr. Buchek!

...It's HOT outside and people should come swimming at our place as much as possible!! And grilling out by the pool!

...My siblings go back to their studies this month. :( So I will see less of them. But we will come visit/they can come stay with us anytime!

...Clint and I will have been married 4 months this month! Time FLIES!!! It's so amazing that we get to do this forever (like 4 months times 234582346!)! Kinda feels like a 4 month vacation of wonderful funness sometimes - but no, it's forever, and it just gets better! :) Love him lots. :)

...We will try to redeem ourselves from our horrible record in the past few weeks of posting so little. I'm trying this first without pictures post and I think that will help. :)


The Pettijohn's said...

Great post Mrs. Brock!! The grocery part made me laugh :) I am horrible at buying groceries...I always end up buying meat, cheese, milk and bread. Why am I such a guy???

Married 4 months! yayyyy! Loved reading your updates! See you next wk hopefully!


Sandra Edwards said...

OK I am leaving a comment! Haha! I hope this works. You are doing GREAT with your blog. I love reading it! Congrats on your great job and be sure and let us know as soon as Baby Buchek gets here.

kristian & katy said...

yay for our month, august!
cant wait to hear how your job goes.
love you!