Sunday, May 24, 2009

This might seem stupid...

but we are starting another blog! I realize we have not posted on this one in quite awhile, but hopefully having another will help us get back on the bandwagon. Our new blog can be found at

Life in the Zone - Hopefully

and will be our journal of our new fitness and diet plan. We'll keep track of progress, struggles and general thoughts and changes on what we are doing. We are really excited about this and I hope you'll read it so that we will have to stay accountable, haha.

In other news, I am studying to become a 4-8 grade math teacher! I take my test a week from Memorial Day and then will be eligible for hire! So, if you know anyone who needs a brand new teacher, ha, let me know. :) I'm also looking for a summer job until I get a teaching job, so any info on that would be great too.

The kiddos have been back in town from school and we've been having fun with them. It's so fun to have the whole family together!

Let me know what you think of our new blog! We are loving the new plan so far and in fact in quite full from my yummy breakfast right now. :) We'd love to chat with anyone about it!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

love the other blog =) Laur, you've already lost a lot in inches and lbs for a week! Keep up the good work, I think what you've lost...I've gained:-(

Caroline said...

Lauren! I found your blog through some other blogs I read! I too have decided to become a Math 4-8 teacher and have been on the job search as well! How exciting! Good luck on your test, it was a lot easier than the practice tests I took! :)What program did you go through to get certified?? I did Region 10.

~Caroline C.