Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall, birthdaying, jobs, and talk radio

It's Fall! I love it! We have the windows open right now and it is WONDERFUL!

Clint's birthday was this past week and we had a lot of fun. I gave him some jeans he had been wanting (and that I had been wanting him to have;)) and the Garmin Forerunner 305 for biking! It shows all sorts of things like the map of the ride where you can compete with your own last ride and your heart rate, speed, altitude, calories burned (you put in the weight of your bike and everything!), and then you download it all to your comp and use the cool software to analyze it (and google earth). He is excited about it! We had a relaxing day and lots of fun. :) I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful husband and I LOVE celebrating him as much as possible! We also went camping with his family last weekend and had a blast. Then we stayed the next night in Waco and watched the Cowboy game (grr) with Cole, Jill, and Amber! It was so much fun. I love them. :)

I started my new job this week. I'm working part time with the marketing company I've been working with and the rest of the part time with a PR company that I met through Hawaiian Falls. I have really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to really get going with it. I love the people I work with and am enjoying the work itself a lot too, so yay!

Ugh, the Cowboys aren't doing so well huh? Booooooo. This has made me start listening to the ticket after the games during the week, which then made me start listening to other talk radio in hopes of finding the Dave Ramsey show. Then I realized it had been a week and all I had listened to was talk radio! So I'm on a talk radio streak. Anyone know any good talk radio channels or shows?

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teamfish said...

congrats on such a cool job, le!! hey, funny story. we had a bunch of jr highers over last night to watch a movie, and afterwards they were playing hide & go seek in our backyard. well a few of the girls didn't want to since it was so cold outside, and so guess what i busted out...baylor's sing 2003 dvd! yep, that's right. they got to see you in action with your hot purple cape and black boots. they thought you were so cool and talented. :) haha - i wore my baylor soffee shorts to bed last night and felt like such a good alumni. :) thought i'd share that with you...

cody's bday is this month too! on halloween! i'm with you on the clothes thing. i got him a bunch of early bday presents and have had fun getting a say in the wardrobe department. we're doing a big halloween/birthday bash at one of the jr highers ranch - any costume ideas for us?

ok - this should've really been an email, but i feel like we have that blog comment relationship where we just post all our thoughts on each other's you, le!!