Monday, March 8, 2010

i'm addicted!

I LOVE the kindle for iPhone app. Love. I LOVE to read and have had to curb my habit a bit by only reading about a book a month or so since husbands do not appreciate being completely ignored for several days in a row/wives that have only had 3 hours of sleep bc they read til it was almost morning/making and eating dinner alone/nothing ever getting done except reading. :) When I read a book, I READ a BOOK. Like, only ever read the book. So, I indulge myself every once in awhile when I know of a good book I can sink my teeth into. (the Twilight series really threw us for a loop! that one took extra days...)

Right now our book club is reading "The Help" by Katherine Stockett. I went to Barnes and Noble to find that it is only available in hardback and costs almost $30! In another life, that would not have phased me a bit as it is a BOOK. :) But, I've morphed into a penny pincher in some areas, and that $30 could certainly be spent on 8 starbucks lattes, a shirt, something for the house, or a yummy diner out. After the nice lady at Barnes and Noble showed me where the book was, I put it right back on the shelf and decided it was time for me to try out this kindle app. (After reading about 30 pages of Upton Sinclair's book, "The Jungle." Random, I know. But the quotes in our history books about the horrors of being an immigrant worker in those times flooded back to me when I saw the book - they had always been so interesting. So I decided I needed to take some time and see if I wanted to read the whole thing. I read enough. Too depressing. I hate (most) old timey things so the hour at Barnes and Noble reading about the horrors of old timey-ness really puzzled the husband. In the end, interesting, but too tiring and depressing.)

I looked it up and was pleased to find "The Help" for $8.55 on the FREE kindle app! I tried out a sample of the book on the app for free to make sure I could handle reading only on my iPhone. (We won't mention that I read the entire 5th Twilight saga unreleased book manuscript as a pdf file on my iPhone...). I LOVED IT! Its so easy to use and not weird at all to me to read on there - I do it all day long anyway. Also, its so great bc now I can read anytime during the day. Waiting in line, at a traffic light, waiting for the water to boil.. :) So now I can read a book without being a total recluse and it is wonderful! I fully recommend it, or at least trying it to see what you think.

The book is really great too - not done yet though, about halfway through. But I recommend it also.

Well, I guess I'm off to read on the couch while the hubby, brother and friend play xbox. It's still hanging out, right? :)


The Neaves' said...

I too am a fan!! I read a lot on it and downloaded a ton of free books but now that I have my reader, I don't use the kindle app nearly as much!

It is perfect for you! Enjoy!!!

Logan Walter said...

you should do an eye test. right now. then test your eyes again after reading books on the iPhone for 5 years. THEN offer to sell the results for a hefty fee to Bill Gates, who can use it in a Mac bashing campaign against Steve Jobs.

Enjoyed hanging out at your place tonight.

Donald and Angela said...

I commend you, friend! I'll want to take a gander when I see you next...don't know if I could do the "reading on a phone" thing. 5th twilight book??!!

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

Logan I'm sorry I referred to you as "friend"!!! I'm going to have to make it up to you in another post!! haha.

ill have to think about your idea. but...i dont like the sound of it, ha

Vicky said...

I am glad to see you haven't updated in over a month... makes me feel better :) Miss you!