Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick, exciting (and sad) updates

Update #1: I'm still on the bandwagon with the Bodybugg. As of TODAY I have lost exactly 15 pounds since starting my attempt to lost weight using the Bodybugg. It has gotten easier and easier as I have gotten used to eating around 1650 calories a day and now it is just routine. I love it! I didn't really realize how much weight I had lost til I hit this milestone - 15 pounds! Wow. Weights that weigh 15 pounds are pretty heavy. So glad to have that OFF of me!! WAHOOOOO. I'm excited to keep going and hope to lose another 10 and then maybe gain some back in muscle....whenever I decide to start working out. :) Haha. So, there is the update. For some reason, this plan has been one I have been able to stay on, and I'm SO happy about that!

Update #2: Clint and I have officially been married 2 wonderful years! Our "day" was last Sunday and we went to Trulucks to celebrate, but it was a wedding filled weekend with Ashley's wedding and Caroline's wedding shower (and me being sick) so we waited til this weekend to really celebrate. We are off to a beautiful cabin near Beaver's Bend tomorrow at around 4pm!! We are so excited to have a relaxing, do-nothing weekend. It looks like it'll be rainy Saturday, but Sunday we might get in the canoe (the cabin is on a river) or build a fire or even go horseback riding! The cabin has a grill on the deck so we are bringing filet mignon and shrimp (got them at central market today - splurged - can't WAIT to feast on them!!) to make a nice dinner Saturday night. I can't wait to celebrate with my honey. He is so wonderful and I am SO lucky to be married to him. He is sick with what I had last weekend right now, so pray that he starts feeling better quick!!

Update #3: Tux, my childhood dog (a fiesty pomeranian) died today. My grandparents have been his real owners for the past several years and he became so sweet in his old age (if you knew him - he used to be quite the tiny terrorist to visitors in our home, but he grew out of it!). They really really loved him and are sad to see him go. He only weighed 5 pounds and his kidneys were failing. Poor thing. All of us girlfriends got dogs at around the same time in our childhood, and Tux was the last of the group to go. I believe he lived to be between 105 and 112 in dog years. He had a good little life. Goodbye Tuxy - we love you!

Update #4: We are still also on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon. Paid off our taxes we were paying payments on from 2008 this month. One more credit card to go and then all we have is my student loan. Feels good!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Happy almost weekend. :)


kristian and katy said...

Tuxedo Jumping Jack the fifth Edwards,

I remember the day you were brought home like yesterday. I remember thinking "what a cute little pup! he's a little feisty, but he is only a pup."

Then I remember how you grew up, yet never lost your feistiness. I remember your family being out of town and us coming over to feed you where you were locked up in the kitchen. (I strangely remember Dinyah being there too.)

There were many times that I spent the night at your house and you scaring me, Tuxedo. I remember hiding multiple times under blankets while you barked and bit at my quivering body through the blanket.

I remember jumping on the trampoline and you nipping at my heals.

But I have no doubt that deep down you loved me. I think you just didn't quite know how to express it. Or maybe you were expressing it and I just didn't know how to receive it. I'm sorry if so.

Anyway, my heart is happy that you found peace in your latter days. Apparently what you needed was a nice Meemaw and Papaw, and not all us crazy kids. I'm glad
you were happy.

Tuxedo, you will be missed. You were a part of my childhood and I love you.

Thanks for all the memories,

Michelle said...

1) Good job, LE!
2) Congrats, Brocks! I hope you have SUCH a great, peaceful weekend celebrating your marriage!
3) We're sorry to see you go, Tux. You were quite the energetic dog. I remember always seeing you at the door, somehow jumping 5 feet to warmly greet and bark at any visitor.

Thanks for the post, LE! :)

Sandra Edwards said...

Yall's responses are soooooo funny! Katy, I hope you weren't traumatized too much when you were spending the night. Thank you for putting up a brave front and coming over anyway. Mark Tye used to say that Tux sometimes had flashbacks to Vietnam when he got "feisty". I think he had Napoleon Syndrome too. Either way he was ours and we loved him.