Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday morning

So far today, I:

-sent Clint off to golf with his dad and brother at 6:45AM
-for some reason, did not get back in bed after send off.
-saw Charlie basking in the sunrise in the backyard (we are dogsitting at my parents) and decided to join him with some coffee and a good book.
-yelled at Charlie for spilling my coffee (all over the book, the blanket I had laid out and a Bible) and felt immediate remorse from the sweet look on his sad little face (he was only trying to have some fun!)
-got more coffee, spilled it all over myself as I sat down to read again, and felt more remorse
-read anyway without cleaning up second spill
-noticed GIANT mosquitos circling and decided to read inside (which Charlie was happy with bc he was getting hot anyway)
-read inside, had some diet coke, scrambled eggs, tuna and popsicles as it kept feeling like lunchtime but was only in the nines
-brushed Charlie so he would be pretty for going to Lorie and Rogers later
-Read Acts 1 and was confused about the basic drawing of straws for the new 12th disciple (doesn't that seem weird?!), researched a bit and realized they did not have the Holy Spirit yet, so what else were they to do without Jesus there but pray and trust that God would choose the right straw?
-Decided to look up the verses referred to by Peter as prophesy about Judas and was surprised to find they didnt't refer to Jesus or Judas at all (can you tell I have usually taken their word for it on references to the old testament??)
-Searched for a commentary, found many that skipped over that part of Acts 1, finally found one that said the verses are originally about David, who is a "Christ figure" and his enemies...which makes them allude to Christ and Judas, His "enemy." I guess most places the references are vague like this. I don't know why I thought they were all perfectly obvious before (probably bc I had never looked them up!) Any thoughts on that?
-Read a blog I am currently obsessed with and reading from start to finish like it is a book (Bring the Rain)
-smashed a bug, then left the shoe on top of it until Clint gets home because I do not want to pick it up
-eaten more popsicles (they are only 15 calories!)
-got a text from Clint that he is winning!
-Blogged a play by play of my day because I haven't blogged in 5 weeks and I'm feeling guilty.

Does that sound like a do-whatever-I-want-all-day day so far or what? It has been delightful but also I am not an alone time person for the most part so I am ready for my hubby to get home.

Tonight we are celebrating Father's Day with Lorie and Roger and then on Monday with my family since the rents are in Nashville this weekend.

I hope this weekend is nice for you as well. Isn't the summer weather wonderful?! (from sitting inside in the AC....horrible if you have to be out in it for too long) Something about summer just makes me happy. I'm off to get really sweaty taking Charlie on a walk, but he will be a happy puppy so I don't mind. (and I won't feel so bad about eating an unnamed double digit number of popsicles. yes i am still on the bodybugg bandwagon. i would love for you to get one and let me help you set it up. love it.) Happy saturday to you!

Me and Charlie reading :)


The Magsigs said...

Miss you friend! Maybe we can see you when we're in town next time.

Rob and Amy said...

I love me some Bring the Rain! I've followed her blog since before Audrey was born :) said...

Awww! Charlie looks really happy! Thanks for taking care of him for us.