Saturday, March 7, 2009

Biking.... again!

This time it was Erwin Park up in McKinney. We went there because my 5 yr old nephew (who lives in McKinney) had his tonsils removed (which I'm jealous of) so we stopped by to see him on the way.

We've had easier 4 mile rides... This one was tough because I'm used to the 50 degree days we've been having, today was in the 80's. The last two times I went were when Lauren was busy with the 2nd half of her friends who ALL decided to get married this year, so she hasn't been in a while. We both shouldered a tree but we didn't crash, we got a good workout in and shot a short video of a fun spot we found on the trail.

The sound at 0:05 isn't a bird ;)


kristian and katy said...

ah! i would be so scared to do this. the video is hilarious. i love your sounds, lauren. hahaha

what fun times! glad you guys have such a neat thing you love to do together.

Sandra Edwards said...

That looks soooooooo fun!!! I'm sure I would be scared too! Maybe i can try someday with y'all!!