Monday, November 30, 2009

Gotta Keep It Up!

Trying to keep blogging regularly again...

Right now I'm watching House, drinking a nice and frosty diet coke, sitting by my sweet husband. It is quite nice!

We are one month into Dave Ramsey's plan as of tomorrow and we are more than halfway through with our mini emergency fund, the first step! We surpassed our goal and are quite pleased with ourselves :) Next month we may decimate the savings with Christmas gifts, but at least we won't be using any credit for them! Once we move apartments, we can REALLY get going! Wahooooo. Also refinancing my car loan and getting a better rate, paying it off earlier AND paying almost $100 less a month. GO REFINANCE!! If you are with Viewpointbank already, there is no fee, nothing to lose. Very nice!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving/21st bday for the twins weekend! It was so much fun to hang out with the kiddos while they were home. They are the coolest siblings ever. We spent the night almost the whole break over there and had a blast. LOTS of yummmmmmy turkey and stuffing (thanks to mom!), games, bday celebrations, staying up late and sleeping in! Can't wait til Christmastime when we can hang out again!!!

Also found out Laine is moving home after graduating this December! We're so excited we'll get to see her so much more. YAY Laine!! :) (Mom and Dad were super happy too...this is my mom's recurring hope that every child will move back home at some point! :))

We are keeping Jon Jon, our nephew this weekend and are really excited! Anyone have any tips or fun ideas for us to do? I was thinking we could make and decorate Christmas cookies, but I guess that's kinda girly. I know Clint wanted to bike with him, but it has rained alot so the trails might be closed. (Jon Jon's quote when Clint was surprised his mountain bike didn't have gears: "My legs ARE my gears!!") Any ideas?

Well, sorry this post is boring, but I don't have the energy/patience to put pictures up. At least I'm blogging!! Woo hoo!


The Neaves' said...

YAy for an update!! Way to go on the ramsey track!

Hey and maybe after babysitting you'll want one;)

The Pettijohn's said...

UPDATES!! yayyyyyyyyyyy!

Love YOU!

kristian and katy said...

i'm so glad you've resurrected your blog!!! keep 'em coming!
dave ramsey was SO helpful to us when we first got married. sounds like you are feeling the same way. i'm so glad!
i hope your babysitting went well.
and i wish we were going to be home for christmas to see you!!! hopefully soon though :)
love and miss you.