Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's thoughts...including more blogging!

(please excuse the acorn time to change it at the moment!)

Well, does blogging every 5 weeks or so count as blogging more? I don't really think so. I need to blog more so all my blogs won't be about how I never blog. Wow. That's a lot of blogs. I'm going to get a blogging application for my phone and try to think of blogging as more of a journal and less of a "I have to retell everything that's happened since I last blogged." In fact, I think I'll download the app as I type. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with friends and family. I just love being with people I love, doing nothing or everything or anything. It is the best. Good thing I live with one of the ones I really love doing anything with and get to see the others (some of them...others I don't get to see as much as I would like!) as much as possible. So thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. So blessed. So thankful that Jesus came to give us all life and that we get to celebrate Him in such a neat way during the Christmas season. I hope to continue that celebration throughout my life this year.

Well, House is recorded on the DVR, and I must stick to my plan, though I am tempted to upload tons of pictures and tell you about everything that has happened since my last blog. Next time I'll tell you about my bodybugg, another time about our new apt (jan 30!) another time about how Dave Ramsey is whipping us into shape. I'll also remind you to pray for the Roses and their little baby Rose who is coming any day now. I'll actually blog about the title of this post, New Year's thoughts...once I get them all together or have a few. Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for being a part of our 2009!


Donald and Angela said...

I like your thoughts here, friend! Will look forward with happiness to what you will blog about next!!

kristian and katy said...

yea for you blogging!
thank you for the prayers :)
love you.